Our business field

For over 15 years Ingenieurbuero Stark (Stark Engineering) offers reliable service in the areas of development, automatization and the control installation for the industrial engineering. We are specialized on plant construction for the production of dough and the development of recipe-and dosing controller. Our areas of operation include the industrial and technical bakery engineering.


Our company was founded in 1993 in connection with a product development in the area of dosing control for HEFELE bakery engineering in Blaustein/Germany. We expanded our service in the fields of SPS programming, construction of control cabinets, silo construction and materials handling. After the takeover of Hefele bakery engineering in 2002 by the AT product technology in Lauda Königshofen we could further expand our services.

Our services

Our employees have many years of technical experience and due to direct contact to the bakery shops we were able to expand our range of products and services continuously. By now, Ingenieurbuero Stark (Stark Engineering) is not only manufacturer and distributor for innovative dosing programs  in the dough production, but plans, delivers and assembles complete silo installations including the corresponding materials handling in any form and size. Interior silo, outdoor silo, Big Bag stations or small component installation. We also offer the newest and most precise weighing and measuring technology, including table scales, ground scales, liquid dosing and volume measurement. Due to our technical know how and experience, as well as the expertise of our partners, we are in the position to provide you with an optimal technical and economical solution for your new development, reconstruction or modernisation of your product installation.  Our strengths also include the technical integration of new technologies and new equipment or machines for a consistent production line.

System provider in the field of bakery technology.

The processes in bakery shops, also in smaller companies, transformed more and more into production businesses over the past years.  While individual, manual steps for the production of bakery products were common in the past, modern  production facilities with semi-or fully automatic equipment have established for which there are specialized suppliers according to the equipment used. At the same time, this requires a greater technical understanding within the bakery operation, in order to find the ideal technical and economical solution for the production line. In addition to this, the bakeries often have to integrate equipment from various suppliers in their production line. The engineering firm STARK is here to assist you competently in all steps of planning and integration of individual equipment. Additionally, we offer a high-performance product range so that you can concentrate on your ultimate expertise-high quality bakery goods!